Drone Agriculture Crop Assessments

In order to provide aerial drone services, such as agriculture assessments, requires the use of specific drones capable of operating in a wide range of flight conditions and climates, along with the drone operators being certified to operate their done while carrying multi-million dollar liability coverages. This investment is significant and many farmers and agriculture growers, would rather hire a company leaving them to focus on day-to-day operations, rather than invest in the equipment and training themselves.

At LogicWorx Studios we are a drone services provider, offering aerail video and data collection services to the agriculture industry, from wine producers and vineyards, to barley, wheat and corn crop production. We are Transport Canada Certified Advanced Commercial drone operators flying two types of drone, a large DJI Inspire and a DJI Mavic 2 PRO, both our drones have been configured to allow us to provide our agriculture services year round, supporting the entire growing season from the initial field preparation and assessment, to planting, health monitoring, disease identification and of course harvesting. We offer our services as both a one-time service, packaged service and recurring annual “crop season” contract service.

Additionally, if you are looking to promote your agriculture business, winery or vineyard, LogicWorx Studios offers a number of promotional video and professional photography services, using our production equipment and drones capturing video and photography in 4K UHD high resolution and photographs in stunning HD resolution, combined with full post-production services to meet the specific needs of your media project.

Our production team have experience from story boarding the promotional video or interview, through to shooting the video using both our handheld stabilized video cameras, to post-production editing, to deliver a movie like video experience to promote your business. If you are interested to learn more about our services and how we can help, please reach out to us, we welcome all inquiries regardless of the size of your crop and the product you produce. We look forward to supporting you, your crops and business during the 2021 season.

LogicWorx Studios Inc. serves clients from all over the world

Agriculture Services Available

  • Plant Health and Crop Stress Identification
  • Identify Crop Variability and Problem Areas
  • Aerial View of Fields for Plant Count and Stand Loss
  • Plant Population Counts
  • Plant Stress Analysis
  • Weed and Pest Analysis
  • Plant Disease Analysis
  • Water Stress Analysis
  • Flowering Estimator
  • Aerial Damage Assessment and Mitigate Loss
  • Track Crop Progress Over Time
  • Automate Planting Lines
  • Assess Irrigation Systems and Drainage Tiles

Using the data captured during each flight we can further analyze the data to identify the health of the crops and potential areas of concern. When the data is analyzed following the flight, we can see, as shown in the image above, the healthy crops, shown in green vs those which are distressed and unhealthy, shown in red and orange. Using the 3D model, you can further zoom into a specific area and request more detailed reports such as; plant disease analysis or plant stress analysis.
As our drone fly’s the property, it will take hundreds of pictures in sequential order for the area being analyzed, we can then process this information and the data collected to display key information for the entire crop or a specific focus area, such as displaying elevation information as shown above.
When we select an area of concern for further analysis, we can deploy powerful algorithms which based on the analysis we want to perform, can provide a detailed report with dashboards, graphs and key information to show the health of a crop, percentage of damage or disease and much more. Never before has so much insight into the health of crops been made available from one flight over a large crop area in a matter of minutes.

If you want to dig deeper into the data comparing the information we capture with other data you may have already collected such as harvest, yield, variety and spraying maps, we can export the drone data we captured to other applications you might be using including; AgLeader, SMS or John Deer Operations Center, this allows you to further compare the data maps captured by the drone over your existing data models, providing a broad analysis of your crops from all aspects.

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