Concerts, festivals and events are a great indoor and outdoor experience, what can significantly increase the effectiveness and promotion of these events is incorporating drone aerial video and photography into the filming, adding a dramatic and unique movie like experience for the viewer. Using the latest technology we can deliver sharp, stabilized 4K HD aerial video and stunning photographs shot in RAW HDR format, both from the air and on the ground, which adds a whole other dimension and user experience to your event production. We provide the full service from scoping the location and venue, to planning the flight path, focus area, shoot angles, flight orientation and applicable permits supporting the project. 

To add another perspective to your event, we can also provide a crew with gimbal stabilized cameras to working directly in the crowd, amongst the attendees shooting from the audience perspective using our 4K video cameras. We (we have three of them), when combined with the drone aerial video, provides a 360 view of the event blending the footage from multiple camera angles and the drone. Following the event, we can either provide you with RAW footage for your post-production team to edit, enhance and incorporate into your video, or our team can provide this service for you as part of the package. All services include your branding, content and any additional information you would like to incorporate into your project.

LogicWorx Studios Inc. are one of a select few companies, possible the only one in the Toronto area, who is authorized to fly their drones over the tops of people within 16 feet for special events such as indoor or outdoor events, which capture both the highlights and overall excitement of the event in full high definition video and photography quality. We are authorized by Transport Canada to operate our DJI Mavic 2 PRO when deployed with our Emergency Recovery System, to provide aerial video and photography for any event which requires us to fly over the top of people and in proximity of people. We carry multi-million dollar liability coverage for drone aerial video and photography.

Concert & Event Services

  • 4K Drone Aerial Video and Photography
  • Concert & Festival Overhead Media
  • Concert and Festival Promotional Video
  • Outdoor Wedding and Engagements Aerial Video
  • Outdoor Festival and Event Video Production
  • Corporate Event Aerial Media
  • Drone Photography for Large Events
  • Event Video Production
  • Drone Cinematography

Why Use Drones for Aerial Media?

Unlike traditional video recording, the operator would normally be focused and positioned in one place, typically facing the band, presenter or stage, other cameras would be setup to capture the crowd from the side or from the rear of the venue using elevated platforms, many crew and lots of equipment. If anyone has seen some of the 80’s and 90’s televised concerts, such as Queen live at Wembley, you will notice the alarming number of camera operators setup in front of the stage, including ones on the stage shooting the band specifically, having to swing the large camera around for another angle and edit though exhaustive post production. While this worked well back in the day, delivering a great concert experience, drones have revolutionized the way concerts and events are now being captured, and we can do it with a smaller crew, with more agile equipment at superior quality and resolution, delivering a movie like experience to the audience, encapsulating the event from all angles.

Simply a drone can go where typical camera operators cannot, one moment we can be on the stage capturing video of a band member or the singer from an elevated side shot, then we pan across the crowd, fly over the top of audience, quickly position for another shoot angle based on what the singer or speaker has rehearsed, fly over head from the rear of the audience to elevate our shot over the stage, all while recording in stunning 4K HD resolution and if required, live streaming the event directly to social media.

Should you project require it, we have multiple gimbal stabilized 4K HD video cameras and action cameras, which we can deploy with our production crew directly into the audience, to capture video from an attendee’s perspective. When you consider your next event, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the project, our experience and how we can help deliver your aerial media.

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We operate the lates commercial, professional grade camera equipment and technology, delivering stunning 4K HD video and photography. Whether it’s from the air or from the ground!