Product & Merchandise Photography / Videography Newmarket

Taking product and merchandise photography, requires a level of creativity and staging to capture the perfect image for Amazon, e-commerce, websites and social media. At LogicWorx Studios Inc., we have a full portable studio, with various lighting equipment, shoot boxes, backdrops and props to stage the perfect shot, whether its sporting goods, merchandise or the latest high tech equipment shot on a white background or color for your website and e-commerce, our team have the experience to deliver outstanding media which drives engagement and gets results.


Before our team take any photographs or produce a short promotional video, we discuss with you the project, what the end goal and expectations are, understand your requirements, to ensure our marketing team and creative designers are able to stage the product correctly for maximum effectiveness, this includes the correct lighting, filters and colors to get the best shot possible. After we have completed the shoot, all images (and we take a lot of them!) are reviewed with our post-production team and then refined as needed to give the best results for social media, e-commerce, your website or print. All images we take are uploaded into your own private online gallery for further viewing and download, we also have a free app so you can view your gallery directly on your mobile device and share your pictures and video’s with colleagues, friends and family. 


If your project requires video, such as having an executive watch or camera product rotate on a white background and you want the video recorded in 1080p or 4K HD, with animation, transition, special effects and custom music overlay, we can provide this complete service, from the initial requirement to finished media delivery.


Product & Merchandise Photography Services


  • Product Photography and Videography
  •  Macro Photography and Video Production
  • Digital Media Creation
  • Product Marketing Material
  • Short Promotional Videos and Infomercials
  • Interactive Videos
  • Interviews and Showcasing
  • Commercial Photography
  • Green Screen Video and Photography

Examples Of Our Work

We treat each project with creativity and an attention to detail, not only from the initial layout of the product, but consideration for the background, lighting, placement and backdrop, through to the camera settings to capture beautiful images of your product and merchandise. All images are shot at a high resolution using Canon pro grade equipment, making them perfect for social media, e-commerce, marketing material PDF’s or print. Below you will find some examples of the types of things we enjoy shooting, if you have a question or would like to see a specific example, please let us know.


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We operate the lates commercial, professional grade camera equipment and technology, delivering stunning 4K HD video and photography. Whether it’s from the air or from the ground!