To support our commercial clients and their projects, we use the latest technology and equipment including multiple 4K drones, and three different Canon Pro Grade DSLR cameras, allowing our team the opportunity to capture stunning digital content from multiple angles to produce informative short promotional videos, infomercials, combining 3D animation to bringing an existing vacant lot or existing building to life! Using the latest technology and 3D camera tracking, our animation team are able to digitally render, animate and virtualize onto existing video and drone footage, how the property could look, demonstrating the potential for a new build or re-purposing of an existing commercial property, before you actually break ground and begin construction.

If you are commercial realtors, architects, property developers or a large construction company, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and how we can be of service.

Commercial Services

  • Drone Aerial Video and Photography
  • Promotional Videos and Infomercials
  • 3D Video Animation
  • 3D Interactive Virtual Tours
  • Property Visualization, Rendering and Animation
  • Commercial Re-Development Animation
  • Floor Plan Creation
  • Digital Media Creation

Courtneypark Drive

ICM Asset Management commissioned us to produce a short promotional video featuring their commercial property located on Courtneypark Drive. Due to the proximity of Pearson Airport, we request flight approval and coordinated our activity with NavCanada. The project required us to fly our drones both around the property, surrounding area and actually through the offices, warehouse and plant. 

“Working with LogicWorx was a fantastic experience. Mark and his team did everything to provide excellent customer service and delivered a high quality product” – Lars Schlueter ICM Asset Management


We recently had the opportunity to work with the team from Arbourdale and Elhaven Farms, on the production of three short promotional videos featuring the Huwa-San product and how its being used within dairy farms to promote herd health. These projects involved all aspects of pre-production planning, story boarding and shoot sequencing through to post-production editing and animation to deliver a series of promotional videos to be used on Arboudale’s website and social media.

“We are very pleased with the work done by LogicWorx and we are pleased to recommend them for any video production projects. Mark and his team were professional, prepared and communicated with us at every step in the process. we have already retained LogicWorx for additional projects promoting our company and products.” David S. | Arbourdale

Weishaupt Corporation

Recently we were hired to photograph and provide drone aerial media for a brand new European styled office for Weishaupt Corporation. This project required our team on location early at sunrise to capture the amazing building illuminations and then to fly our drone through their offices and production facility. All photographs and drone footage captured and produced by LogicWorx Studios Inc.

“It was a great pleasure working with Mark Chambers from LogicWorx Studios. Mark is an absolute professional, accommodating our requests on short notice. We were very impressed with the photo/drone footage he provided for our corporate magazine featuring our new head office. Mark has a great eye for detail, which showed in the way he incorporated lights and shadows, and the angles he used. We highly recommend Mark and are happy to work with him again.” Ulrike Porten | Weishaupt Corporation

Masjid Al-Farooq Islamic Centre

To support their 28,000 square foot expansion project with a 68,000 three level parking garage, LogicWorx Studios were recently commissioned to provide aerial video and photography of their phase 2 construction progress. This required NavCanada RPAS approval to fly our drone over and around the construction site, including over the property and construction crane to an operational height of 300 feet. We look forward to revisiting the site again as the construction progress continues to provide further aerial services. You can learn more about their project here.

“It was a pleasure working with LogicWorx Studios. They are very HELPFUL, professional, excellent and fast communication responses via email or phone. Mark assisted us with planning and attended to our instructions and provided the best drone video footage of our Phase 2 Expansion Construction Project. Although on the day of the video production it was a windy, LogicWorx Studios had all the right equipment and drone to capture incredible photos and videos. The final video production was just WOW! I look forward to working with LogicWorx Studios in the future. LogicWorx Studio (Mark) goes above and beyond! I highly recommend LogicWorx Studios!” Muniir | Masjid Al-Farooq Islamic Centre

Fenmar Drive

Working with our new commercial realtor client Vanguard North East, we were commissioned to capture a large 8 acre commercial property located in North York adjacent to the Highway 400. Following approval from NavCanada, our team got the opportunity to fly our drone over and around this property to highlight the potential this property has to offer, we added animation to show the roads, three different potential developments of the existing building and overall site plan sizing.

“Mark and his team are very professional and a pleasure to work with. In working with a service provider you want to receive maximum performance at a fair price and LogicWorx delivers. Mark’s team has always demonstrated their honesty, creativity and genuine interest in my line of work. I look forward to working with LogicWorx on future projects.” Hanan Goldfarb | Vanguard Northeast Realty Corp.

Tridel Developments

Recently to support our new client and following NavCanada RPAS approval, we got the opportunity to provide aerial photography, video and Canon handheld photography services to support Tridel Developments condo development project in Toronto. We had to fly our drone at various elevations and positions, up to 400 feet to capture these fabulous looking high-rise buildings, the newly developed park and surrounding properties.

Pingle’s Farm Market

To support Pingles Farm Market and their fall activities, LogicWorx Studios were commissioned to provide drone aerial video and photographs or key areas of their wonderful farm in the fall season, this included the large sprawling apple orchard, wagon rides to the pumpkin field and flying our drone around and through their 8 acre corn maze field. All of the content captured was then made into a short promotional video along with hosting all the photos we took with our pro grade Canon DSLR cameras onto a secure gallery for the marketing team to download and use in their social media.

“Mark & Barbara were so easy to work with. Great communication & they captured exactly what we were looking for (& then some!) We will definitely work with them again in the future.” Pingles Farm Market

Amico Corporation

Recently we were hired to support a two day shoot for Amico Corporation at their Markham facilities. Due to the current Covid pandemic and travel restrictions, Amico hired us to shoot drone footage and video footage, of their three offices and production facilities, to support their marketing department with the creation of short promotional videos to build awareness for their products and production capability which they produce for hospitals around the world.

“LogicWorx Studios has greatly assisted our sales group with providing high quality footage of our campus of facilities and product. This has been extremely helpful as we navigate the no-travel period of supporting new and existing customers through this pandemic.” Scott Flynn | Amico

Butternut Ridge Dressage Stables

Deborah from Butternut Ridge Dressage Stables, found us online and reached out to us for a photography and video shoot she had been planning. Our team had to be on location at 6:00am to start the photography shoot, as Deborah wanted landscape photographs of the sunrise over the valley and hills which make up their 150 acre property, it was a great project to be involved with and working with the natural light of the sun made for some amazing photographs and video footage. The entire shoot took six hours, with two DSLR cameras, we captured hundreds of photographs of the property, landscape, buildings and stables. All the media was then combined into a short promotional video incorporating the drone footage and our photographs featuring this beautiful property.

“Excellent photography for your web-site or brochure. Mark did a fantastic job with our property and captured the beautiful scenery. He also does wonderful video’s and drone photography. I will continue to use Mark for our needs! If you are a realtor or custom home builder or designer – call Mark!” – Deborah Miculinic | Butternut Ridge Stables

Cardinal Golf Club

Following a recommendation from the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, we met with the sales and marketing team at Cardinal Golf Club to discuss their project and scout the venue to plan our flight path, camera angles and flow of the virtual tour. We were hired to create an interactive virtual tour and short promotional video featuring their recently renovated banquet halls, in preparation for the 2020/21 wedding and events season. This project involved the collaboration and working with five local businesses, who provided their services to support the project.

“From the moment Mark was recommended to us, to the end of our project, we knew that all our needs were going to be met and well taken care of. Mark and his team are dedicated, punctual, and professional which makes working with him that much easier. Not only did he provide us with a fantastic virtual tour of our newly renovated ballroom, but he also went above and beyond what was asked of him. He was very quick to answer all of our questions, and was open to any of our ideas as well as adding in his own professional opinion when asked. You will be 100% satisfied with the product that LogicWorx provides you at the end of your project with them. The quality of Mark’s work and work ethic doesn’t even compare to others in the industry as he uses the state of the art technology and skills to create the perfect virtual tour. Highly recommended!”

Shannon Enwright | Director of Marketing | Cardinal Golf Group

Lindvest Development (Donmeg Sonic Condominiums)

Recently we were hired by Lindvest Developments (DonMeg Sonic Condominiums) to provide drone aerial video and photography of a new condo development being built at the corner of Don Mills and Eglington in Toronto. Following a NavCanada RPAS flight authorization, we flew our drone around the facility to a height of 400 feet, capturing various sections of the construction build, still photographs and 4K video, to produce the short video highlighting aspects of the condos. We plan to revisit the site once the project has been completed to re-take the original media and show a side-by-side comparison of the before and after stages of the new build.

Port Credit Architecture

Recently we were commissioned by Robert Grossman of Adamson and Associates to provide drone aerial video and photography on a newly constructed building in Port Credit. This project involved the re-purposing of the original Port Credit post office while incorporating a new office structure as part of the CIBC bank. After obtaining flight authorization from NavCanada, we flew our drone over and around the structure to create a short promotional video which will be used by the architects to submit for an award, we wish Adamson and Associates all the best with submission and look forward to hearing the results.

Huwa-San For Drinking Water

Following our on-going contract with Arbourdale, we were commissioned to create a short promotional video, which features the Huwa-San product for promoting safe drinking water. Due to current Covid restrictions, our team weren’t able to work onsite, so we had to assemble the video using our stock footage and skills of the animation team.

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Our team have extensive experience providing both drone aerial media and professional photographs featuring aspects of your commercial property, from a vacant building to a new venue, highlighting key features of the offices, warehouse and location. We use the latest Canon pro grade full frame cameras, lighting and composition to capture stunning photos of your property. Any photographs we take can be combined with video to create an impactful promotional video, including 3D animation layered over video, 3d rendering and visualization. We are currently working on a project where we can help potential buyers visualize the potential for a property using industry leading animation technology and the skills of our in-house team. Please check back for our recent rendering projects.

“It was a great pleasure working with Mark Chambers from LogicWorx Studios. Mark is an absolute professional, accommodating our requests on short notice. We were very impressed with the photo/drone footage he provided for our corporate magazine featuring our new head office. Mark has a great eye for detail, which showed in the way he incorporated lights and shadows, and the angles he used. We highly recommend Mark and are happy to work with him again.” – Ulrike Porten – Weishaupt Corporation


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