April Update | – We said goodbye to March, our team got Covid Vaccines!

I must admit, March was a bit of a blur for us, we secured five new clients in March providing various remote drone aerial video production services, photography and videography services to some new and existing clients, we acquired a third drone to add to the fleet, have new hires joining our team in time for the summer season,  and secured nine more production projects which has us booked through to mid May! Not sure what happened to April, but we love what we do!, and look forward to our next round of projects starting shortly.

Of course, we appreciate Covid is causing all kinds of problems for the industry and impacting production schedules, but our team continue to follow close Covid protocols, our equipment and production vehicles are sanitized regularly and we maintain a social distance while on location with face masks and as you can appreciate a lot of our work has been drone focused, which doesn’t require any customer interaction.

Our team have also be vaccinated with the latest Covid-19 vaccination from AstraZeneca. We would also like to thank all our clients (and there’s a lot of you) for your support and choosing us during this challenging pandemic, since it hit and affected us all, we’re all in this together and we cannot survive without the continued support of our amazing clients (new and old), thank you for being there with us through this difficult time. We would also like to acknowledge our new clients and look forward to working with them on their unique projects soon;

  • Adamson and Associates
  • Century21 Heritage Group Ltd.
  • Michael Stuart Webb Realty.
  • Oak Ridges Moraine
  • TW Cross Investments

And our repeat clients for their continued support;

  • Re/Max
  • Abourdale
  • Royal LePage
  • Masjid Al-Forooq Mosque

Lastly, we are excited to announce we have been selected by a major Ontario energy equipment provider, to direct and produce two short promotional videos and interactive virtual tours for their growing business. Shooting starts as soon as the restrictions start to lift and we can get on location.

March News | – New clients and more projects planned!

We are pleased to announce we have signed a twelve month contract with Arbourdale which supplies environmentally responsible, all natural water remediation treatments for drinking and process water industries, along with products for livestock, lakes, ponds and water features. LogicWorx Studios Inc has been placed on retainer to deliver promotional videos through the year, with new videos being produced each month! Some of our recent work can be found on our website, where we had the opportunity to visit Elhaven Dairy Farm to shoot two videos featuring the Huwa-San product with Bill Ireland of Arbourdale. We are proud to be working with such an amazing group of people at Arbourdale and look forward to supporting them throughout the year. 

We’ve also secured three more clients for video production, aerial video and photography. Our production schedule is filling up well and we’re booked on projects throughout the remainder of March and now into mid April.

February News | Fully booked and now heading into March

What a month its been, we secured many new clients at the beginning of the year, completed a number of projects and are now fully booked through the remainder of February (but there are a few slots where we can squeeze you in) and we’ve secured bookings for video production through March and now into April. We’ve also increased our equipment build for our video rigs, selecting the small rig technology, upgraded our steadicam and flycam to the Flycam HD, the latest in stabilized wearable technology, added a new stabilized video lens to compliment our 4K cameras, a new boom for our shotgun mics, and a bunch more equipment to support our growth and the multiple video production projects we have scheduled. We’ve also selected a new drone to add to our fleet in the spring, this new drone is our biggest yet and offers multi-camera payloads (it can support three cameras at once!), please follow and subscribe to our newsletter to know more about this exciting technology we are deploying later in the flying season.

Our team are busy creating story boards, shoot sequences, pre-production and post-production planning for our existing and new clients. We’re also creating new sections on our website including a careers page! If you are Transport Canada Certified Advanced Drone Pilots, experienced videographers, photographers, or seasoned post-production editors, we would love to hear from you. Our new section of the website, will be going live later this month.

We are proud to have been chosen by the following companies to support their video and photography projects for February and March, we look forward to working with each of you on your projects.

  • Print Core Graphics
  • Tritium Growth UK
  • Arbourdale
  • Gayley’s Cafe

January News | Welcome to 2021! – 4 new clients

Following a quiet new years and holiday season, we took the time to ramp up our sales and marketing activity to secure bookings to kick off the new year, of course, for now, with the current COVID-19 situation, most of our work will be remote and following social distancing. As such, we are accepting products being shipped to our offices, for those who need product photography and promotional videos created in our sanitized studio, along with curbside pickup should you not be able to get the product or merchandise to us. We will be holding video conferencing and web meetings with new and existing clients to provide ongoing support for their projects, and prior to the lockdown, we signed four new clients in December, shooting for these projects commences shortly (and where possible with the current pandemic), we look forward to supporting our new clients. As we head into spring (which seems a long way off), hopefully the COVID-19 restrictions will be loosened and we can continue to support all our wonderful clients while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Government.

As we prepare for the coming months, we have some exciting growth plans and news coming early this year, our sales and marketing team have worked tirelessly planning and preparing for this year. During the coming months we will be sharing updates with you, along with updates to our website, new services we will be offering, new projects which will push our teams creativity, new equipment we have added and much more. To keep up to date with us, sign up for our newsletter, and check back with our website regularly for updates.

Lastly, to all our new and existing clients, we would like to say thank you for supporting us during 2020, it meant a lot to us to work with so many great companies and individuals, we would like to wish you a safe, Happy and prosperous New Year, all the best for 2021! 

December News | LogicWorx Studios Inc. As we say, “that’s a wrap”

Well its certainly been an interesting year, we secured many new clients and worked on a number of projects for existing clients including commercial photography, promotional videos, interactive live guided tours, product photography and drone media. During Covid we promoted social distancing and remote working along with sanitizing our equipment before and after each project, this allowed us to complete over 30 projects and our drones logged over 130 flights traveling a combined distance of 60 kmrs. As the winter months are upon us, we will continue to operate our drone through the winter months as we have deployed self heating batteries and new technology allowing us to fly below sub-zero temperatures.

In December, we recently completed a number of promotional video projects, which will be featured on our new “commercial projects” page later next week, along with providing interview style videos to a leading commercial realtor in Toronto. We produced over 45 short videos discussing aspects of their business, which will be used on their social media channels, addressing some of the frequently asked questions they hear. We also got the opportunity to visit Suncor in Toronto and photograph a large 37′ by 8′ mural by the well known Indigenous artist Philip Cote, the photographs we took will be used to re-create a print version of the mural for its new home at Suncor head quarters in Calgary. More news to follow as we wrap up 2020 and plan for growth in 2021!

October News | LogicWorx Studios Inc. signs new clients

We are pleased to announce that we have signed three new corporate clients to our portfolio and look forward to supporting them with their projects during the coming weeks. We have been commissioned by these companies, to provide photography services, promotional video creation and content, marketing material creation, advertising, and drone aerial video and photography for their business projects. We are proud to have the opportunity to work with these great companies and look forward to completing their first projects with us and the many more to come!

  • Tridel Developments 
  • Serene Beat Pods
  • Weishaupt Corporation

We also, wrapped up two new client projects for RPS Composites, RE/MAX All-Stars Realty Inc. And are waiting to hear on five more projects which should also be starting soon. Our marketing team have worked tirelessly to keep us ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo and we’re pleased to announce we have reached the #1 position on those search engines for over 250 unique search keyword phrases. We continue to receive thousands of unique visitors to our website and social media each month, so a big thank you to our incredible marketing team, keep up the great work. We will continue to update this section again as we have more news, so please check back soon! 

September News | We Have An Award!!

We are pleased to announce we have received the following award from Bark earlier today. Following the completion of several projects, client feedback and reviews, they have ranked us as one of the Top Commercial Photographers in Newmarket for 2020! We are honored to have received this award as a testament to our level of professionalism, creativity and continued dedication and support to the photography and Videography industry. We bring an unmatched level of creativity and attention to detail on every project we are in involved with, and are thrilled to have such amazing clients who we continue to support on their various photography and video projects. We would like to personally thank each of you, we could not have achieved this award without you!

July/August News | Certified for overhead operations

Its been a while since we posted, as we’ve been running flat out on a number of projects and its been an awesome summer for us and the team. We completed a number of projects and you can read about some of them on our new “Recent Projects” page, along with our reviews on our website and Google. We just signed three new customers this month and waiting to hear on five other exciting projects, for both real estate, commercial projects and a few corporate events thrown in!, they commence next month and into the fall. Our new drone has been constantly flying on various projects around the GTA, recently logging its 80th flight and we’ve only had her less than three months! As some of our followers may have read, we intend to keep our older DJI Inspire 1 for specific projects she was designed for, and to use her as a trainer for our new crew and pilots, who will be working their way through the Basic and Advanced training programs, to get certified by Transport Canada. By re-purposing our DJI Inspire 1, allows us to make way for our third new drone which will be used on some of our Cinematography and video production projects, starting soon. 

Lastly, as we head into the fall, we’ll be ramping up our photography and drone work even more, our drones now fly with intelligent heated batteries, which allows us to fly in the colder climate, we’ll continue to work on a broad range of commercial, residential and special events projects through the year, so look for new content coming to our website and social media channels. As we recently announced, we are one of only a few (if not the only one) in the Toronto region, who is authorized to operate our drones over people within 16 feet for event production, such as concerts, corporate events, weddings, or any project requiring us to fly over the top of people. Our drones are equipped with state of the art, Emergency Response Systems, allowing us to hold the Transport Canada Certification for Special Event Operations. Continue to follow us on our social media channels, and stay up to date with our work, projects, events and news. 

We are pleased to welcome the following new clients

  • Butternut Ridge Dressage Stables
  • HomeLife Optimum Real Estate
  • RE/MAX West Realty Inc.

June News | Our latest addition to our drone family has arrived

We continue to add new equipment to our portfolio, thereby providing a broader range of photography and video production services specific to needs of our clients. This month we added a second drone to our fleet of aerial equipment and following extensive flight tests at our proofing ground, we are pleased to add the new 2020 DJI Mavic 2 PRO drone to our equipment lineup. Deployed with the Hasselblad 1″ sensor camera, adjustable apertures, 4K 10bit HDR video and a 30-minute flight time, allows us to capture stunning 4K video with crisp 20MP photographs for your projects that require an element of aerial video and photography. Our new drone complements our existing video services when combined with our Canon DSLR equipment and three video production cameras. To support aerial projects year-round, we implemented heated intelligent batteries to our drones, thereby allowing us to further extend our operational range to the colder and negative temperature climates for our upcoming fall and winter projects.

For larger drone projects that require the use of multiple camera payloads, or footage taken from two different drone camera angles, we continue to fly our large DJI Inspire drone, we intend to retire her during the summer and redeploy her as a trainer for our new drone pilots, at which time we intend to upgrade and add-on the new DJI Inspire 2. More news on that during the summer! Our new Mavic 2 PRO drone has already been used on client projects and is booked into many more. You can learn more about our new addition on the equipment section of our website

LogicWorx Studios Inc. signs four new clients

Leveraging our experience and equipment, we will be providing photography, video production and drone aerial video services, to the following new client projects. We are proud to have the opportunity to work with these great companies.

  • AMICO Corporation
  • Lindvest Developments 
  • Ferreira & Bettencourt Law Offices
  • Cardinal Golf Club

To learn more about these exciting projects and to keep up to date with our work, new clients and equipment upgrades, please register for our monthly newsletter. If you have a particular photography, video or drone project in mind, we would love to hear from you, discuss our experience, share examples of our work and how we can help.

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