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So, you’ve hired a photographer or videographer in the past that didn’t achieve the desired effect. It may have caused you to burn a hole in your pocket and left you unwilling to work with a professional in the future.

However, there are many professionals out there that can help you to complete an inexpensive project. Consequently, with proper planning we believe that you can achieve stunning photography and video production without the astronomical price tag.

If you want to keep your photography/videography project within budget, keep reading to learn a few tips and tricks from LogicWorx Studios Inc. It will help you to create an excellent outcome while staying within your budget.

Know the scope of the project
We often get asked during a consultation, “well, how much does this cost, and what do I get?” It’s an extensive question, as there are several factors to consider.

For example, is it a single shoot, and are you looking for photos, a promotional video, a short infomercial, or a movie? We typically don’t touch any projects unless there is a clearly defined budget and vision.

Once we understand the project’s scope, we can begin to suggest how the budget should get allocated. It includes deliberating over the props, costumes, cars, and lighting.

Create a storyboard
If it’s a video shoot, we will work with the client to design a storyboard based on their ideas. At this stage, imaginative storytelling will help create material that will evoke emotion from the target audience and hold their attention for longer.

Scout location for the shoot
Finding a suitable location and getting permission to shoot at the venue is essential for a smooth production. A video production company will also help you to plan out the logistics to cut down on traveling time, which will create fewer days needed for filming.

Identify shots
Pinpointing the best angles ahead of time will help save a lot of effort and money during the shoot. Besides, arranging the equipment and gear needed for the specific days of filming is crucial. Keep in mind that sometimes the best cameras get booked in advance, which leads to disappointment.

Shoot session
Once the shooting starts, all scenes must get completed effectively. If any retakes are needed, then ensure that they get done before winding up for the day as it will be too expensive to come back and film again.

Post-production editing
During the editing, make sure that the editor has all the raw footage that they require to complete their job. Also, confirm the correct spelling of the names and provide all the fonts and images.

Finished media
If all the above steps are followed, you will be able to execute a project that exceeds expectations and fits within your price range.

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